Wind Turbine PD Monitoring Solution

Wind turbine PD (partial discharge) monitoring and failure prediction

Offshore wind turbine PD monitoring and failure prediction

PD is one of the most common sources of fire

Continuous online PD monitoring is crucial

Wind turbines catch fire

Cost of fire

  • Land wind turbine fire costs $4M ~ $7M.

  • The cost for offshore wind turbine fire is much higher.


  • Partial discharge (PD) is one of the most common sources of fire.

  • Continuous online PD monitoring is crucial.

Non-invasive digital PD sensors

Easy to install and maintain

  • Velcro or clamp style

  • Installation and maintenance without dissembling wire or device

  • Support retrofit installation

  • Compact and space efficient

Excellent Isolation

  • Galvanic isolation (up to 10 MV)

  • Excessive current (ex: lightning current) protection

Digital -- the only PD sensor with digital output

  • 12-bit digital

  • Universal USB connection

  • Resilient to interference

Velcro style

Clamp style

No need to power off the system or disconnect the wire for installation.

Where others see noise, we see patterns.

Accurate current sensing

Wide bandwidth

  • Sensor bandwidth = 0 Hz (DC) ~ 1 GHz

  • Signal processing bandwidth = 30 Hz ~ 100 MHz

  • Detects both currents generated by wind turbines and PD at the same time

Beyond simple magnitude reading

  • PD counts

  • Detect and analyze phases of PD and turbine currents

  • Historical analysis

  • Peer analysis

Fully integrated continuous online monitoring and analysis solution

Edge data analytics using a palm-size module

-- Small in data size and Abundant in information

Key features

  • Everything in a palm-size box:

      • Digital sensor links (up to 4 digital PD sensors)

      • Sensor signal processing

      • Health condition analytics

      • External data links to the cloud or local network

  • Connect up to 4 digital PD sensors to the palm-size main module

  • Anytime & anywhere access (Cloud database + Web UI)

  • Easy integration into any kind of custom network (local or cloud)

Edge data analytics

  • Continuously sending hundreds of Mbps of raw data to the cloud (or local server) is not efficient -- impractical if possible

  • Aizenn's palm size module locally performs data analytics -- edge data analytics

  • Transmit only the analytics results which are small in data size and abundant in information

Easy and convenient external data link

  • Because of the edge data analytics, the transmit data size is small which enables various data link options.

  • Wireless options -- WiFi, Bluetooth, GSM, 5G, etc.

  • Wired options -- Ethernet, USB, etc.

  • Aizenn team supports customization of data links.

AI-powered diagnostics

Beyond simple magnitude reading

  • PD waveform analysis

  • PD counts

  • Detect and analyze phases of PD and turbine currents

Intelligent pattern recognition and diagnostics

  • Historical analysis

  • Peer analysis

  • Health diagnostics

Go beyond monitoring