Wind Turbine PD Monitoring Solution (AI-PD1000)

  • PD (partial discharge) is one of the most common sources of wind turbine failure

  • Remote and continuous wind turbine PD monitoring is crucial but challenging because of safety issues and its complexity

  • AI-PD1000 is the perfect solution for remote and continuous wind turbine status monitoring that can prevent catastrophic failures and save operation and maintenance costs


Wind turbines fail at least once a year. Bigger ones fail more often.

Even catch fire sometimes.

Operation and maintenance cost a lot.

Wind turbine operation and maintenance costs

  • The average wind turbine fire costs $4M ~ $7M and more for offshore wind turbines.

  • Wind turbines fail at least once per year on average with larger ones failing more frequently

  • Cumulative operation and maintenance costs of a wind turbine can be 65% - 96% of a turbine's initial investment cost

  • The cost of unscheduled maintenance increases over time as a wind turbine ages

Failure prevention

  • Partial discharge (PD) is one of the most common sources of failure and fire

  • Continuous online PD monitoring is crucial

Photo by Dennis Schroeder, NREL 5529

Continuously checking wind turbine health conditions is challenging

  • Need to check the status when the turbine rotates at its max capacity but climbing to the nacelle on a strong windy day is dangerous (prohibited by safety protocol), particularly for offshore ones

  • Things can go wrong anywhere (turbine motor, AC to DC converter, inverter, and transformer), and monitoring all sub-blocks at the same time is not trivial

Aizenn's Solution

AI-PD1000 (Wind Turbine PD Monitoring System)

Key Features

  • Remote continuous monitoring of abnormal electrical signals in wind turbines

  • Easy to install retrofit

  • Monitor anomalies in the turbine, AC to DC converter, inverter, and transformer all at the same time

  • Instantaneous report of anomalies that can be accessed anytime and anywhere

  • Cost-efficient network configuration utilizing proprietary edge encoding technology

Utilize AI-PD1000 to:

  • Prevent catastrophic failures

  • Reduce operation and maintenance costs

  • Reduce downtime

  • Improve efficiency through right-time maintenance

Non-invasive digital PD sensors

Easy to install and maintain

  • Velcro or clamp style

  • Installation and maintenance without dissembling wire or device

  • Support retrofit installation

  • Compact and space efficient

Excellent Isolation

  • Galvanic isolation (up to 10 MV)

  • Excessive current (ex: lightning current) protection

Digital -- the only PD sensor with digital output

  • 12-bit digital

  • Universal USB connection

  • Flexible wire length options

  • Can easily increase number of channels

  • Resilient to interference

Velcro style

Clamp style

No need to power off the system or disconnect the wire for installation.

Where others see noise, we see patterns.

Phase-resolved PD (PRPD) using just one sensor

Accurate current sensing

Wide bandwidth

  • Sensor bandwidth = 0 Hz (DC) ~ 1 GHz

  • Signal processing bandwidth = 20 Hz ~ 100 MHz

  • Detects both currents generated by wind turbines and PD at the same time

Beyond simple magnitude reading

  • PD counts

  • Detect and analyze phases of PD and turbine currents

  • Phase-resolved PD (PRPD) analysis

  • Historical analysis

  • Peer analysis

Fully integrated remote and continuous monitoring and analysis

Edge data analytics using a palm-size module

-- Small in data size and Abundant in information

Key features

  • Everything in a palm-size box:

    • Digital sensor links (4 default digital PD sensors. Up to 7 sensors)

    • Sensor signal processing

    • Health condition analytics

    • External data links to the cloud or local network

  • Main power and PRPD at the same time using just one sensor

  • Monitor turbine motor, AC-to-DC converter, inverter, and transformer all at the same time

  • Anytime & anywhere access (Cloud database + Web UI)

  • Easy integration into any kind of custom network (local or cloud)

Edge data analytics

  • Continuously sending hundreds of Mbps of raw data to the cloud (or local server) is not efficient -- impractical if possible

  • Aizenn's palm size module locally performs data analytics -- edge data analytics

  • Transmit only the analytics results which are small in data size and abundant in information

Easy and convenient external data link

  • Because of the edge data analytics, the transmit data size is small, enabling simple and cost-effective data link options.

  • Wireless options -- WiFi, Bluetooth, GSM, 5G, etc.

  • Wired options -- Ethernet, USB, etc.

  • Aizenn team supports the customization of data links.

AI-powered diagnostics

Beyond simple magnitude reading

  • PD waveform analysis

  • PD counts

  • Detect and analyze phases of PD and turbine currents

  • PRPD

Intelligent pattern recognition and diagnostics

  • Historical analysis

  • Peer analysis

  • Health diagnostics

  • Monitor turbine motor, AC-to-DC converter, inverter, and transformer all at the same time

Go beyond monitoring