Accurate & Easy-to-use Fully Integrated Sensor

Non-invasive current sensing

  • 100x better accuracy than other non-invasive solutions such as Hall and CT sensors

  • Easy installation without disrupting services (clamp style)

  • Turnkey-based solution

  • In-built neural network for edge computing

  • Flexible data link (BT, WiFi, Ethernet, I2C, SPI, CAN, UART, USB)

  • Automatic link to cloud database

Remote power monitoring

  • Power efficiency monitoring

  • Power distortion and abnormality detection


Machine Learning and AI

Electrical machine diagnosis

  • Health status monitoring

  • Failure prediction

Non-intrusive load monitoring (NILM)

  • Monitor multiple devices with just one sensor

  • Home energy management systems (HEMS)

  • Building energy management systems (BEMS)

  • Factory energy management systems (FEMS)

Cloud database and computing


Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicle Charging - Wireless and Wired

Accurately and safely measure charging current

Monitor wireless charging efficiency and loss

Enable minimal loss charging

Charging system aging and degradation detection

Electric Vehicle Monitoring (Motor and Regen braking)

Electric motor aging/failure detection and prediction

Optimize motor control and improve efficiency

Regenerative braking system monitoring and failure prediction

Efficient preventive maintenance

Smart Grid

Windmill PD failure monitoring and prediction

Offshore windmill PD failure monitoring and prediction

Solar farm PD failure monitoring and prediction

Lightning arrester aging and failure detection

Eliminate unwanted power down time

Cloud-based UX accessible anytime and anywhere

Reduce inspection and maintenance costs

Power Plant Motor Monitoring

Detect abnormality before failure

Optimize operation conditions

Monitor status anytime and anywhere

Power Transformer Monitoring

Power transformer failure prediction

Automatic failure prevention

Low-cost and safe installation and maintenance

Cloud-based database and data processing

Smart Meter

Fine grained accurate and safe power monitoring

Self-powered operation

Low-cost and safe installation and maintenance

Cloud-based database and data processing

Make Smart Grid smarter

Smart Factory Building Home

Smart Factory and Building

Optimize power efficiency to reduce power bill

Preventive maintenance and Failure prediction

Fine-grained power usage and efficiency monitoring

Cloud-based UX accessible anytime and anywhere

Manufacturing Robot Monitoring

Preventive maintenance for cost reduction

Robot operation monitoring

Fault detection

Accident detection

Welding Quality Monitoring and Control

Realtime welding quality monitoring and feedback

Welding technician training

Welding robot monitoring

Nonintrusive Load Monitoring (NILM) for

Smart Home & Building

Monitor all electric systems with just one sensor

Usage pattern analysis

Augmented feedback for power savings