Wind Turbine PD Monitoring Solution     (AI-PD1000)


Wind turbines fail at least once a year. Bigger ones fail more often.    

Even catch fire sometimes.  

Operation and maintenance cost a lot.

Wind turbine operation and maintenance costs

Failure prevention

Photo by Dennis Schroeder, NREL 5529

Continuously checking wind turbine health conditions is challenging

Aizenn's Solution

AI-PD1000 (Wind Turbine PD Monitoring System)

Key Features

Utilize AI-PD1000 to:

Non-invasive digital PD sensors

Easy to install and maintain

Excellent Isolation

Digital -- the only PD sensor with digital output 

Velcro style

Clamp style

No need to power off the system or disconnect the wire for installation.

Where others see noise, we see patterns.

Phase-resolved PD (PRPD) using just one sensor

Accurate current sensing

Wide bandwidth 

Beyond simple magnitude reading

Fully integrated remote and continuous monitoring and analysis

Edge data analytics using a palm-size module

-- Small in data size and Abundant in information

Key features

Edge data analytics

Easy and convenient external data link

AI-powered diagnostics

Beyond simple magnitude reading

Intelligent pattern recognition and diagnostics

Go beyond monitoring