Hot Wire PD Monitor       (HOT-PD 3000)

Aizenn's Solution

HOT-PD 3000

Key Features

Utilize HOT-PD 3000 to:

Aizenn PD Monitoring and Diagnostic Software

Our Aizenn-PD Sense Software Suite is a comprehensive and user-friendly solution for monitoring and analyzing PD data. It is designed to help businesses configure, manage, and collect data from Aizenn-PD sensors to identify partial discharge on high voltage machines and cables.

Key Features

Real-time data monitoring: Our software suite to interfaces with PD sensors directly to get real-time data. This allows you to identify and respond to problems quickly

Data visualization: Our software includes a variety of data visualization features, such as PRPD visualizations. This makes it easy to understand your PD data and identify potential problems.

Historical data analysis: Our software can be used to track the performance of your PD sensors over time and identify long-term trends.

Remote monitoring: Our software is cloud-based, so you can remotely monitor your PD sensors and associated equipment from anywhere in the world. 

Data analysis: Our software suite includes powerful data analysis tools that can help you identify trends and patterns in your PD data, allowing you to predict potential problems and take preventive action.

Clustering: Our software allows the user to cluster and visualize PD data to identify PD trends and take necessary preventive actions

Multiple sensors, one software: Our software allows you to track and monitor the activity of a multitude of sensors through a single interface.

Report Generation: easily generate reports for fast actionable information.

API Access: web api access to customize, integrate, analyze and automate based on customer specific needs.